October 31, 2013: DECOMPOSE Anniversary & LOVE LIKE GOLD Release!

So today it’s the Decompose EP’s second anniversary, as well as my new single LOVE LIKE GOLD‘s release!

Cover - Decompose

I know I haven’t been updating much lately, but hopefully this makes up for it. (BTW in between the release of BONSAI and today I also managed to contribute to the Hai’s 2013 Sampler! You can that that out, too.)

LOVE LIKE GOLD is actually two singles put together. The first one is a collaboration with StratosFear and the second one is with New Dark Age. Both are my Haibros(!) and people I’ve worked with before. Really love their stuff and I’m the luckiest singer-songwriter to be able to create music with them regularly.

I’m doing something different for this single! The two songs will be up for FREE download (as a collected single) only on Amplify.ph, even though they’re fully streamable elsewhere. Let’s see how that works! Check it out by clicking the link below.


July 20, 2013: BONSAI.

So for my birthday this year I wanted to do something special, and (my friends and) I came up with BONSAI–a brand new EP that’s quickly turning into my favorite release, ever! It came out last July 11.

BONSAI cover art


Though I do work with some trusted repeat collaborators here (like Ghost Night, Rabbit Hole Revelations and Almost Technicolor), in BONSAI I also–for the very first time!–work with local musicians, such as B-Roc, Similarobjects, Earthmover and Six the Northstar.

You can stream/share/download BONSAI by clicking HERE or HERE.

March 09, 2013: Vandals On The Wall’s “Sunset Daydream,” a summer mixtape.

Sunrise Daydream Cover Art

Vandals On The Wall includes “When You’re Sober” in their 2013 summer mixtape–along with Cerumentric, similarobjects, Identikit, Bagetsafonik, and more. It’s the second time I’ve been included in a curated list of theirs; pretty exciting stuff.

As always, you can download  the entire thing for free when you visit their site. Have at it, and get your soundtrack for the summer. <3