COLD SUMMER (March 2014)

"Cold Summer feels vast... spatious [sic], if you will. Maria's voice has a low mid tinge that arrests you—it cuts through... and combined with Jorge's tunes, this song finds me with my heartbeat slowing down."

Zach Lucero of Radio Republic, on "Cold Summer (feat. Similarobjects)"

LOVE LIKE GOLD (October 2013)

"Catchy vocals over a textured mix of instrumentation, distortion and delay hook the listener and make this a great song for the bedroom."

Dave Dorn of Vyroo, on "Love Like (feat. StratosFear)"

BONSAI (July 2013)

"Dark, introspective pop laced with skittering beats and quiet storm soundscapes. The vocals pack a wallop of emotional vulnerability to the mix, making everything sound calm and destructive all at the same time."

Vandals on the Wall, on BONSAI

LAGNIAPPE (January 2013)

"She is able to select and create some common ground for the project, which is rarely seen and heard, specially from a woman. Most women artists I know allow the beats to lead but Maria displays her unique experience in formulating albums with producers from all over the world."

Soulfiesta, on LAGNIAPPE

SAUDADE (August 2012)

"Upon multiple listens, I also figured out how there’s a Zen-like quality to it that floats understatedly from one song to another, rendering the type of quiet old blues and folksy guitar-pop tunes that refuse to retread into some sort of sell-out formula and predictability."

Vandals on the Wall, on SAUDADE