04 DEC 14: Life Update + December Gig Schedule

Happy holidays! In about two weeks, I’ll be on my way to California for a long vacation. This is terrifying because I’m scared of flying, but awesome because I haven’t been back to my home state in over 20 years. Hoping to take in even a little bit of that holiday and vacation goodness so I can get inspired enough to write some new music for you all.

In other news, I debuted a new song during last month’s #FreshFilterLIVE gig at SaGuijo: “Sea & Saltwater” produced by Mattir! Since it’s Mattir’s song, really, so far the track is unreleased–I just perform it live. It’s now going to be part of my standard set list, and hopefully my next single.

Here’s my December 2014 gig schedule:
DEC 07, Sunday at 8:00PM – Metrotent, Metrowalk Christmas Madness Bazaar
DEC 10, Wednesday at 9:30PM – Route 196 Bar, Elements Camp Night